FEEDBACK from St Bernard’s College

A St Bernard’s College student, Sepe Mua’au travelled to London to attend the Globe Theatre in July where he took the lead role in Richard 111. He was selected for this following his participation in the 2010 Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festival. The St Bernard’s team played Henry IV Pt 1 and 2, a 15 minute performance under the direction of Petra Jaeger and Ann Garry.

Players personae: Sepe Mua’au, Matthew Loveranes, Kyle Viagador, William Warren, Allen Murrell, Stephen Salter, Theo Lascamana, Paul Ogwaro, Mundsan Yu Hoi, Caleb McInman, Raymond Horua, Brent Duggan, Mona Ahelemo, Tyrone Martin , Damon Hutley, Simon Garlick.

Sepe wishes to express his thanks to the Catholic Foundation, the school and community for the fundraising and support that made the trip possible.