FEEDBACK – Refugee Family Reunification Trust

Over the past 11 years the Refugee Family Reunification Trust has provided moral, financial and practical assistance and support for refugees in Wellington, needing help with the costs of bringing their families to join them.

Since its establishment in 2001 it has raised over $840,000 and 100% of the funds raised has been given to refugees. By nationality the families who have been assisted by the Trust were originally from Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Iraq, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Liberia, Sudan, Myanmar, Colombia, Sri Lanka and Banda Ache. Many of the families were living in refugee camps in Kenya, Ethiopia and Sudan.

The Catholic Foundation congratulates the Refugee Family Reunification Trust for the very valuable and vital work they do in reuniting families – many who have been separated under horrendous circumstances and is proud to support them and their work.