FEEDBACK - from 2019 Youth Camp

The Catholic Foundation were pleased to be able to provide financial support to bring Fr. Taisali Leuluai from Samoa to attend the 2019 Youth Camp and also facilitate the Samoan chaplaincy program and provided inspiration and guidance to the youth. The Youth Camp held in Porirua was attended by 60 – 70 youth, andis a key time for young Samoans to keep their faith alive in line with the Synod 2017 practical recommendation, that we collaborate with one another to provide faith formation for young adults.

This was achieved – in the words of one of the young participants:

2019’s Youth Camp was an amazing experience that brought many young people closer to God and closer to finding their true purpose in the world. The main values taught were ‘Forgiveness and Trust’. This camp reminded our young community that God will always be there for you and there are always people willing to listen and help you with your problems in life. The Priest from Samoa inspired young people to do better. This camp has helped young people become a stronger youth group but most importantly a stronger individual with the help of God.