Georgina Blane - Scholarship Recipient

18 July 2014

This year has been my first at the University of Canterbury, studying engineering. I have done generic physics and mathematics courses as well as introductory courses into engineering. At the end of the year my GPA (Grade Point Average) is a 5.3, which is about a B average. This has been enough to gain me preferential entry into any specialisation of engineering. Next year, I will study mechanical engineering.

This year, I have stayed at College House. It has been very beneficial to my studies as a lot of like-minded people also live there. I made it back into College House for a second year as a 'Room 16'. This position requires me to look out for the wellbeing of other House members, as well as organise house events.

I am very grateful for the scholarship the Catholic Foundation provided me. It made my first year at university financially possible.