Grants to ADW

The Catholic Foundation Board’s  annual grant to the Archdiocese of Wellington for the 2022/23 financial year  of $400,000,  paid quarterly to the following recipients  :


Catholic Social Services                  $150,000

Lay Pastoral Leaders                       $ 25,000

Launch Out                                       $ 25,000

Hospital & Prison Chaplaincies     $ 50,000

Training of Seminarians                 $ 75,000

Turanga Maori                                  $ 25,000

Welcom                                              $ 50,000


These grant amounts have assisted in the following ways


Launch Out Activities for 2020-2021

Lay Pastoral Leaders

The Archdiocese currently has three LPLs placed in three parishes – the Cathedral Parish, Te Awakairangi Parish and Ohariu Parish. These lay leaders continue to provide excellent collaborative leadership with local clergy. We are as a diocese considering further placements as opportunities arise and potential staff are qualified and formed through the Launch Out programme.



Training of Seminarians

There are 5 Wellington based Seminarians


Alfred Tong

Matthew White

Emilio Capin

Kinh Nguyen

Gerson Badayos



Catholic Foundation Grant of $150,000

On behalf of Catholic Social Services we thank the Catholic Foundation most sincerely for their generous grant of $150,000 towards the work of agency for the year ending 31st March 2022.

Like most social service agencies, the big question in 2021 was not ‘how do we survive?’, but, ‘how do we thrive?’ In spite of the challenges faced by all of us, the achievements of this small but remarkable ropu (team) are plentiful.

Focus for 2021

Focus for 2022

Go you are sent –

  1. To be on the margins
  2. To be more collaborative
  3. To move our projects to the next level